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The information on this page is from the privacy notice published by Aviva.

You can use this page to learn about how this organisation uses personal data and find out how to make a request related to the data they hold about you.

Make a request

Organisation information


Insurance company

Registration country

United Kingdom

Registration number


Data Protection Officer

Organisations that use special categories of data, are public bodies, or do large scale processing must appoint a Data Protection Officer.


Data Protection Officer

Email address

Postal address

The Data Protection Team, Aviva, Pitheavlis, Perth, PH2 0NH

Data categories collected

Organisations must give details about what categories of data are stored and processed.


Aviva's policy does not offer a full breakdown of every piece of personal data they collect.

Unusual processing purposes

Organisations must provide information about what they do with data. This section highlights less common uses of data.

This privacy notice does not appear to mention any unusual processing purposes.

Third parties

Organisations must give details about other parties that personal data is shared with.

List of third parties

  • Financial advisors and business partners who help Aviva arrange products

  • Insurers, reinsurers and brokers who help Aviva manage and underwrite products

  • Data analysts

  • Comparison websites

  • Regulators who regulate how Aviva operates

  • Solicitors representing data subjects or third-party claimants

  • Third-party administrators who help Aviva manage products and services

  • Loss adjusters and claims experts

  • Assistance providers who provide customers with assistance in the event of claims

  • IT service providers

  • Medical professionals if health records need to be accessed for insurance claims

  • Third-party case managers handling customer care

  • Employers and third parties that provide pension services to customers

  • Media agencies who provide marketing and display advertising services

How specific is this information?

Third parties are listed as groups

Retention rules

Organisations must give details about how long data is kept.


Aviva "generally only keep personal information for as long as is reasonably required for the reasons explained in this privacy policy." They do not provide more specific information about retention periods.

How specific is this information?

  • Retention rules are given without mentioning specific categories of data

  • Unspecific times for how long data is kept

Lawful bases

Organisations must justify collection and use of data under six lawful bases and provide information about their decisions

  • Consent

    "where we have obtained appropriate consents to collect or use your personal information for a particular purpose"

  • Contract

    "to arrange, underwrite or manage our products, or handle claims in accordance with their terms"

  • Legal obligation

    "to meet responsibilities we have to our regulators, tax officials, law enforcement, or otherwise meet our legal responsibilities"

  • Legitimate interests

    "to operate and improve our products and services and keep people informed about our products and services or for any other purposes we identify as relevant to further our business interests but never at the expense of your privacy rights (we refer to these activities as our legitimate interests)"


Aviva do not provide a comprehensive breakdown of which data falls under which of the lawful bases, but do indicate that data subjects can contact the data protection team to find out more "about the legal reasons or legitimate interests that apply to a particular way in which we use personal information".

Security standards

Organisations must ensure that data is stored and processed securely.

This privacy notice does not appear to have this information.

Data processing addendum

Some organisations offer a data processing addendum that gives data adequate protections when it leaves the EEA.

This privacy notice does not appear to have this information.

Automated decision making

Organisations must give details about how data is used to make decisions without human involvement.


This organisation uses automated decision making


Aviva use automated decision making to decide whether they can offer particular products to customers. The policy contains a breakdown of what data is used as part of the automated decision making process and also breaks this down further depending on the category of product.

How specific is this information?

The organisation mentions use of automated decision making for specific purposes

Complaint information

Organisations must give details about how to make a complaint with a data protection authority.

Design recommendations

Organisations are required to provide privacy information in a transparent way. The Article 29 Working Party has provided recommendations on how to do this.


This privacy notice:

  • Has language that is easy to understand

  • Is designed in a way that makes it easy to find information

  • Can be easily found on the organisation's website

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