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Monzo Bank

The information on this page is from the privacy notice published by Monzo Bank.

You can use this page to learn about how this organisation uses personal data and find out how to make a request related to the data they hold about you.

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Organisation information

Registration country

United Kingdom

Registration number


Data Protection Officer

Organisations that use special categories of data, are public bodies, or do large scale processing must appoint a Data Protection Officer.

This organisation does not appear to have a data protection officer.

Data categories collected

Organisations must give details about what categories of data are stored and processed.

  • Bank account details

  • Bank transactions

  • Device information

  • Ethnic originSpecial category

  • Identity documents

  • Names

  • Postal address

  • Social network details


They say "There may be times when you give us ‘sensitive’ information" and then list the sensitive categories of data under GDPR. Very unclear whether they expect to collect this data of whether they are covering themselves legally.

They say they collect "the settings on your phone". It's not clear which settings those are.

From your phone, they collect "Things you give us explicit permission to see, like your address book, photos, geolocation and data from your camera.

Unusual processing purposes

Organisations must provide information about what they do with data. This section highlights less common uses of data.

This section hasn't been completed yet. Help us by updating it on GitHub.

Third parties

Organisations must give details about other parties that personal data is shared with.

List of third parties

  • Anyone who works for us when they need it to do their job

  • Card producers and networks

  • Credit reference agencies

  • Analytical, Know Your Customer (KYC) and cyber security service providers

  • Customer ‘interface’ providers (for in-app chat service)

  • Companies that do advertising for us

  • Certain authorities that detect and prevent terrorism

  • Anyone who you give us explicit permission to share it with

How specific is this information?

Third parties are listed as groups


They may share your data with "certain authorities" which "detect and prevent terrorism".

Retention rules

Organisations must give details about how long data is kept.


As long as you’re using Monzo, and for 6 years after that to comply with the law.

How specific is this information?

  • Retention rules are given without mentioning specific categories of data

  • Specific times are given for how long data is kept

Lawful bases

Organisations must justify collection and use of data under six lawful bases and provide information about their decisions

  • Consent

    Check your credit history

    Market and communicate our products and services and those of affiliated partners where we think these will be of interest to you

  • Legal obligation

    Search your record at immigration and fraud prevention agencies

    Prevent illegal activities like money laundering, tax evasion and fraud

    Make responsible lending decisions, like offering you an overdraft

  • Legitimate interests

    Market products and services generally in app

    Search your record at credit reference agencies when you sign up


They justify making automated decisions about lending as to meet their legal obligations.

Security standards

Organisations must ensure that data is stored and processed securely.

This privacy notice does not appear to have this information.

Data processing addendum

Some organisations offer a data processing addendum that gives data adequate protections when it leaves the EEA.

This privacy notice does not appear to have this information.

Automated decision making

Organisations must give details about how data is used to make decisions without human involvement.


This organisation uses automated decision making


They use automated decision make lending decision like whether to offer an overdraft. You can opt out or ask for a manual review by email and in the app. They don't say which email address to opt out to.

How specific is this information?

The organisation mentions use of automated decision making for specific purposes

Complaint information

Organisations must give details about how to make a complaint with a data protection authority.


This privacy notice contains information about to make a complaint to a data protection regulator


The information for making a complaint is to the Financial Ombudsman Service, not the Information Commissioner's Office.

How specific is this information?

This privacy notice doesn't contain specific contact details for a data protection regulator

Design recommendations

Organisations are required to provide privacy information in a transparent way. The Article 29 Working Party has provided recommendations on how to do this.


This privacy notice:

  • Has language that is easy to understand

  • Is designed in a way that makes it easy to find information

  • Can be easily found on the organisation's website

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